Need a venue for your next event?

Your organisation or community group can hire the KGT Skills Centre facilities to run workshops, seminars and events. Located at 5 Kentia Way in the Light Industrial Estate - Kununurra, we boast the perfect facilities to suit your needs.

The KGT Skills Centre has 4 main training rooms, which includes an industrial kitchen and also an industrial skills workshop.

We can also provide projectors, whiteboards, stationery, computers and can meet any other requirements to suit your needs.

Please find below prices:

Pricing and Requirements



Room Hire $300 per day
Up to 4 hrs considered a half day $200bper half day
Bond / Security Deposit $250 one-off fee for booking
Upfront cost to cover any damages
Overhead (LCD) Projector $35 one-off fee per booking
TV -Video Conferencing $50 per day
Whiteboard $15 one-off fee per booking
Includes whiteboard markers etc
Ongoing tea and coffee etc $5 per person per day
Catering by CDP Staff
KGT's Community Development Program to help local disadvantaged youths.
Morning Tea $10 per person
See catering menu for details
Lunch $20 per person Cold Meals
Option of Cold or Hot Meals $25 per person Hote Meals
Afternoon Tea $10 per person

Interested? Come and pay us a visit at 5 Kentia Way, or phone us at 9168 3808 or complete the booking form and e-mail [email protected]. Booking forms and catering menu can be found below:

Some of our rooms

Training room 3 or 'Joodoogeb-gerring mayaroong' (meaning 'place for working things out' in the local Indigenous language). This room offers teleconference facility and caters for 10-12 people

Training room 4/5 or 'Ngerregoowoong mayaroong' (meaning 'big room' in the local Indigenous language)

Training room 7 or 'Miljib-gerring mayeng-woorr mayaroong' (meaning 'place for learning' in the local Indigenous language)