Pre-employment programs

Pre-employment programs are generally short courses comprising essential skill sets for entry into an industry or occupation.

KGT Employment runs diverse pre-employment programs targeted at disadvantaged people to gain core skills leading to increased opportunities, such as apprenticeships, traineeships, or employment.

The objectives of the Pre-employment Training Programs are to provide:

  • training activities leading to or directly linking to employment
  • training to increase the employability skills of people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • training to encourage participants to undertake further VET training and skill development.

Our state-of-the art facilities and local partnerships enable us to run programs in line with industry and regional demands, thereby enhancing the chances of employment for participants. If you are an employer looking to hire for a specific industry or if you are looking to get work ready, pre-employment programs could be the ideal starting point.

Our most recent Hospitality Pre-Employment Program ended September 2016

Current pre-employment programs being run by KGT are targeted at the Hospitality industry and conducted in partnership with a range of stakeholders such as North Regional TAFE, East Kimberley Job Pathways, and Boab Lounge.

Good news stories and outcomes on our most recent Hospitality program available here.

To find out more on KGT pre-employment programs, please contact Caroline Constant (Skills Centre Coordinator) on (08) 9168 3808 or email [email protected]