Our Mission

Kimberley Group Training exists to provide a pathway for unemployed people in the Kimberley, by providing quality and relevant training leading to sustainable employment opportunities.

Our Vision

Kimberley Group Training aims to be a quality organisation, leading the way in employment and training in the Kimberley region.

Our Objectives

  • To alleviate poverty amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the Kimberley region through the provision of training and employment services.
  • To target services to support the long-term unemployed and vulnerable people in Indigenous communities.
  • Provide access to Vocational Education Training (VET) to assist in the transition to the workforce.
  • Support host companies in the provision of employment-based training.

How does KGT operate?

KGT identifies employment opportunities in the region and works with candidates to prepare them for the identified jobs. KGT then employs the participants in an apprenticeship or traineeship and manages their work placement and training through to completion of the qualification.


  • KGT has employed over 520 apprentices, more than 330 of whom were identified as indigenous.
  • KGT has employed over 1,500 trainees, more than 1,340 of whom were identified as indigenous.
  • KGT has employed over 280 school-based trainees, more than 190 of whom were identified as indigenous.
  • Nearly 750 people have obtained their qualification in recognition of their skills, meaningKGT’s completion rate is over 30% and this is significant given the remote area covered.